Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ)

Designed to Address the Needs of Industrial Users

In today’s fast-paced industrial world, efficient coding and marking solutions are crucial for ensuring smooth operations and meeting various regulatory requirements. Gressler’s Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printer emerges as an ideal choice for businesses seeking a reliable and versatile coding solution for their primary and secondary marking applications. With the capability to print a wide range of codes on fast production lines, from basic alphanumeric codes to complex bar codes and graphics, the Gressler’s TIJ printer brings forth unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

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Featuring a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen controller for direct editing, this printer is a breeze to operate. It supports up to 2 print heads, allowing flexible configuration based on your printing needs. Its compact design, minimal components, and easy installation and maintenance make it highly integrated into systems. It can efficiently print databases with both text and barcodes, all at a competitive cost in the packaging market.


A 10-inch HD touchscreen offers user-friendly efficiency with vibrant visuals. This printer supports 4 printheads, boasts a 600 DPI resolution, and prints at speeds of up to 23 characters per second. It can connect to a through Ethernet for real-time data printing and supports multi-language editing and printing

Features & Capabilities GT1000 Series Thermal Inkjet Printer

The GT1000 Series thermal inkjet printer comes equipped with an array of advanced features that make it a preferred choice among industrial users seeking high-quality coding and marking solutions. Let’s delve into some of its key attributes:

The GT1000 printer boasts an impressive printing speed, allowing it to keep up with demanding production lines. With rapid printing capabilities, it ensures minimal downtime and maximizes productivity.

The easy-to-navigate controls streamline the printing process and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Gressler GT Series Thermal Inkjet Printers are designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the system and start printing effortlessly.

The GT Series is meticulously crafted with a strong emphasis on reliability. Its minimal maintenance demands save valuable time and resources, empowering businesses to concentrate on their core operations more effectively.

Gressler GT Series Thermal Inkjet Printers are designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the system and start printing effortlessly.

The GT1000 Series TIJ printer goes beyond merely printing codes; it represents a comprehensive solution for industrial users seeking unmatched performance and durability. With its robust construction and precise engineering, the GT1000 stands up to the challenges posed by demanding industrial environments.

Gressler GT Series Thermal Inkjet Printers are designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the system and start printing effortlessly.

Whether you require basic alphanumeric codes, complex bar codes, or intricate graphics, the GT1000 can handle them all. Its versatility ensures that no matter the nature of your marking requirements, this printer has got you covered.

Achieving clarity and precision in prints is vital in industrial coding. The GT1000 Series delivers high-resolution prints, ensuring that each code is legible and adheres to industry standards.

With resolutions of up to 150-600 dpi, Gressler GT Series thermal inkjet printers deliver outstanding print quality, making text and barcodes easy to read and scan.

Effortlessly integrate coding and marking into the production line to prevent bottlenecks and delays. This streamlined approach optimizes resource utilization and reduces overall operational costs.

Benefits of the GT1000 Series TIJ Printer

Understanding the Gressler's Thermal Inkjet Printer

At its core, Gressler's TIJ printer is designed to cater to the specific needs of industrial users. It embodies cutting-edge technology and features that allow businesses to enhance their productivity, quality, and overall operational efficiency. The printer's thermal inkjet technology ensures precise and high-resolution printing, making it suitable for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, and more.

Versatility in Primary and Secondary Marking Applications

One of the standout features of the Gressler's TIJ printer is its ability to handle a diverse range of marking applications. Whether you need to print simple alphanumeric codes for product identification or intricate bar codes and graphics for traceability and branding purposes, the Gressler's TIJ printer rises to the occasion. This adaptability is particularly valuable in industries with multiple product lines and varied coding requirements.

Unmatched Speed and Productivity

In industrial settings, time is of the essence, and production lines must maintain high speeds without compromising on quality. The Gressler's TIJ printer excels in this aspect with its ability to print at impressive speeds, keeping pace with the most demanding production environments. Its rapid printing capabilities not only increase productivity but also contribute to reducing downtime and operational costs.

Precision and Print Quality

High-quality coding and marking are essential for maintaining product integrity, complying with industry standards, and facilitating seamless supply chain management. The Gressler's TIJ printer boasts exceptional precision and print quality, ensuring that each code is legible, accurate, and durable. This feature is particularly crucial for industries where codes must withstand harsh environments and extended storage periods.

Intuitive Interface and Ease of Use

The Gressler's TIJ printer is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface simplifies the coding process, reducing the learning curve for operators and minimizing the chances of errors. The printer's ease of use not only streamlines operations but also contributes to consistent and reliable printing results.

Integration and Connectivity

As businesses embrace Industry 4.0 and digitalization, seamless integration with existing systems and connectivity options become paramount. The Gressler's TIJ printer offers various connectivity features, allowing easy integration into production lines and ERP systems. This capability enhances workflow efficiency and data management, ensuring a smooth and interconnected industrial ecosystem.

Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability

Investing in the Gressler's TIJ printer translates to long-term cost-effectiveness and sustainability for businesses. Its efficient printing process reduces ink consumption, minimizing operational expenses. Moreover, the printer's design emphasizes durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to a more eco-friendly approach.

Superior Customer Support and Service

Beyond the excellence of the Gressler's TIJ printer itself, Gressler is committed to providing superior customer support and service. As industrial needs evolve and new challenges arise, Gressler's dedicated team stands ready to assist customers with technical support, maintenance, and updates, ensuring that the printer continues to deliver peak performance throughout its lifespan.

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